The Bus trip to Perth in January 2018 was a great success despite being delayed for a day due to the cyclone. The group got back and John got out of Derby the day before the road south closed a second time. A huge thanks to Wesley UCIC for funding the trip once again – we couldn’t have done it without that help. The 16 Mowanjum young people with 4 adults drove 3 days down and 3 days back with 8 days in Perth. Ross and John shared the driving.

It was a great break for the school holidays and student’s attendance at school was the key to being included with the final list approved by community leaders.


Ern Halliday Camp site with access to surf, basketball courts and relaxation space is an ideal location with small buses loaned by Scotch and PLC to assist with Perth transport.

Highlights of the trip were the Circus WA, Matilda Bay Rotary kayaking day on the Canning River, the Wildcats game, shopping, basketball and swimming. Scarborough SLSC gave a magnificent morning on the beach with all their equipment and helpers. The Wesley UCIC worship, Noongar welcome and hospitality were greatly appreciated. Wembley Downs UC and many individuals helped with programs, food and made the week achievable.

The only weak spot was that we were short on local young volunteers to assist and supervise and the Mowanjum kids commented on it. They missed the young company around Perth. But it will all happen again next year.