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volunteersIf you are able to approach new situations with a non-judgemental attitude and open yourself to learn truths you never expected, you may feel at home in the Boab Network.

Over the years, volunteers of all ages and any walk of life have been active with the Boab Network. We have particular need of those with skills in writing grant applications or assisting with governance issues. Others are needed to support our friends from the Kimberley when they are in Perth for medical treatment. But next week our needs might be different so don’t hesitate to contact us if you can see a role for yourself in the Boab Network. If you can’t see a role  but would like to be involved, contact us and we’ll find one for you.

If you don’t feel that you can volunteer your time at present but wish to support the work of the Boab Network, consider making a donation to fund the ongoing projects. You can make a one-off donation or commit to a regular contribution to help in this vital work to improve the future for the people of Mowanjum.

There are many issues that we have to face and we have to do these alone. But the support we have from the Boab Network has helped. They never came in to do this work for us but gave us support and strength to do it for ourselves.

Leah Umbagai

Community Leader

I had a few ideas. I wanted to engage the kids with music and keep them out of trouble and stuff…  When we first met the Boab Network, we told them what we wanted to achieve, what we wanted to become in our Band. I think they really helped us achieve our goal.

Kallum Mungalu

Red Alert Band


Many people these days are time poor or just don’t have the inclination to volunteer. If this sounds like you but you are keen to assist the Boab Network in its work with the Mowanjum community perhaps you would like to support the Network by contributing financially. Our programs are expensive to run and we have many hidden costs to cover so your donation would be greatly appreciated. You can make a one-off donation or commit to a regular contribution.


get-involved-volunteerBeing a wholly volunteer run organisation, the Boab Network is always looking for new workers. If you have skills or experience in governance, writing grant applications, teaching, sewing, sports, art, managing children, logistics, bus driving, cooking, cleaning, organising, listening or just having fun with kids we have a role for you. If you have a little time and energy to spare for the Boab Network, please contact us.

To download the Boab Network application kit please click HERE

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