Why do we do this Perth Trip?


They get to visit the city and the schools there, helping to break down barriers that stop them from seeing education in Perth as an option They get to live in the world outside Mowanjum with different ways of communicating and different “norms”. This helps them to become comfortable in this outside world. Just as we find it a leap to live in Mowanjum’s culture, they find the same coming into the Perth cultural setting.



  • Mowanjum kids playing badmintonIt gives them a respite from some of the social issues that surround them at home & shows them that there are other ways to live.
  • They get an opportunity as all kids do on any group activity to learn to live together and be considerate of others both within and
    outside the group so this is an opportunity for training in social skills.
  • It provides an opportunity to discuss in a group and in one-on-one conversations issues that are important to them as individuals, such as the value of education, the dangers of drug & alcohol abuse, the value of healthy eating and lifestyle and aspiring to have a good life well lived….whatever that means for each individual.

But it’s not only the visitors that benefit. As hosts we do too.Kids from the Mowanjum aboriginal community.

We enjoy getting to know a fantastic group of young, bright individual characters and sharing with them their zest for life.

We are enriched by glimpses of their culture that opens up for us new ways of looking at life

But above all – it’s fun – for everyone!